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Year of Changes

Phew... It´s sure been a long time since we last updated this page. Those who followed us on Facebook may have noticed that the last year has been a turbulent one for us.

After a great fall and winter with the four of us, playing lovely gigs, including, but not limited to, country radio shows, Amsterdam singing clubs, Amsterdam Irish pubs, Irish pub festivals, Irish session festivals and a great St. Padtrick´s day show, Dennis has decided to exchange the Dutch wind and rain for warmer climes. Last March, Dennis set sail (metaphorically) for Italy to pursue new adventures and to complete his search for the best wine-to-work ratio. And honestly, having experienced the Italian sun and wine first-hand, who can blame him? Last St. Patrick's day, he gave his final Paddies show in Mad Molly's Irish pub in Breda, and what a show it was! We wish him all the best and will be sure to pay him a visit in Brusagio soon!

Now you may think, what is to become of a banjaxed band that like this? How can a bantering banjo-player, frollicking fiddler, whirling whistleplayer and an arduous accordionist withstand the full force of the Dutch folkscene? Not long after Dennis made his announcement, a strange and slightly funky phenomenon was spotted in the neighborhood of the remaining Paddies. A sunglasses-sporting stud with a love for jazz, funk, women and apples. Though he parted with the traditional Irish folk scene some years ago, it looks like the Paddies might get this force of nature back on the right track. Some say he shreds through 4 guitars each gig and welds his own guitar strings. All we know is he's called Jiroh.

Those of you who were in Ellesdiek last weekend (Ellewoutsdijk for outsiders) have seen this funky man in action. Those of you who weren't will have plenty of opportunities to get a taste of his genius. He will be joining us tonight in our home away from home in Amsterdam, Mulligans Irish pub!

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