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Where have the cows been?

On a rainy Wednesday morning in September we woke up and suddenly remembered our promise to keep this blog up to date. After a quick check on the website, we concluded it could use some new material… Luckily, that is exactly what we’re up to the coming months. We planned a lot of rehearsal dates and gathered new songs and tunes to work on. Robbert is revamping his banjo-style, Hanneke went to Ireland (Donegal) to pick up some tunes from the very talented whistle player Treasa Lavin, Dennis got a record player with dozens of old folk lp’s to discover, and Anneke and Jasper… well, they’re going strong with the tunes as always!

On the picture (made by Wouter van der Schoor) you see us at Keltfest, one of the festivals we played (and enjoyed very much!) this summer. Soon you can find a lot more pictures in the (yet-to-be-published-but-almost-ready) photo-section of our website. To usher in the new musical season, we’re playing at Irish pub Mulligan’s coming Friday. Keep an eye on this blog and our Facebook page; soon we will reveal the date of our Very Special 10th Anniversary Party!

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