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Adventures Abroad

We had a blast at Mad Molly´s Irish pub in Breda on St. Patrick´s day! A mighty crowd showed up to listen to our songs and tunes despite the almost torrential rain. Making sure not to be underdressed, we quickly found out that a huge green afro is a great asset when headbanging along with some reels and slipjigs.

Shifting from our afro-sporting green alter-ego's to our non-green, slightly hungover selves, we set out for Mechelen (Belgium) the day after. The warm welcome in ViaVia immediately cured the remaining headaches as we were greeted by delicious meals (ViaVia serves a terrific variety of curry's, tapas and other mouth-watering delicacies) and old friends. Halfway through our soundcheck on ViaVia's beautiful 15th century attic, Jiroh cried out in terror. His guitar was short one A-string-end-pin, jeopardizing the entire gig. Two fast-thinking heroes, Katja Vander Poorten and Bart Happaerts, informed their facebook-connections about our predicament. This resulted in not one, but four(!) available endpins within 15 minutes! In the end, David Grammenidis supplied Jiroh's missing equipment, saving the evening and paving the way for us to have a wonderful concert in Mechelen. We can't thank him, Katja and Bart enough. (click here for more pictures of our gig at ViaVia Mechelen)

Despite the great weather, last weekend was spent mostly indoors by the majority of the Paddies. We've been busy recording a new demo track which will be released shortly. Stay tuned for more info!

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